1. Windsurfing

One of the most popular beaches amongst the Windsurfing fans is located very close to us, at a less that a 1.5 km distance, Golden Beach. The beach New Golden Beach (Tserdakia) is also located at 3 km which is also popular and it is preferred by the experienced fans of the sport, since very strong winds usually blow there. Until recently, the global windsurfing championship took place at the New Golden Beach. You can also windsurf at Santa Maria, Tsoukalia, Kolibithres and at Pounta (opposite Antiparos).


2. Kite Surfing

Kite Surfers’ paradise is located at the strait of Paros-Antiparos at Pounta. This west beach of Paros is preferred by kite surfers due to the proper winds that blow at the area. The global Kite Surfing championship takes place here. The Golden Beach and the New Golden Beach (Tserdakia) are also suitable for Kite surfing.


3. Scuba Diving

The magic of the ocean is unwrapped around Paros. Many centers are active and they are ready to guide you at a gorgeous magical place! Small trips, educational experiences, whose purpose is to make you admire and love the greatness of the nature! Impressive caves, unique shipwrecks, a live wonderful world awaits you to discover it under the vigilant eye of the professional instructors, with safety and gravity.


4. Water Skiing

At Paros, there is a water skiing center at Kolibithres which has many years of experience on this particular sport. You can also enjoy Water Skiing at other beaches of the island, such as Golden Beach and Faraggas.

5. Cycling

You can enjoy your rides at the nature of Paros by riding your bike. The fans of mountain and off road rides can follow some of the mountain paths and earthy rides, at the inland, from Lefkes up to Lagkada, the Agioi Theodoroi and Aspro Chorio, the Monastery of the Jesus of the Forest and Kamari. Many bicycle lovers use the roads of the island, to enjoy the soft lines of the hills of Paros and our coastline.



  1. Byzantine Path

It is the oldest and most typical, for hike lovers, path of the island and it connects Lefkes with Prodromos. Duration of almost 1 hour. The path is also suitable for mountain bike.

  1. Lefkes-Lagkadas-Aspro Chorio-Drios

It is the most demanding and less known hiking route. Route. 10 km, Duration 3-3.5 hours

  1. Marmara-Molos-Fanari-Kalogeras

An easy hiking route, at the flatland from Marmara up to Molos beach and from there, walking on the sand, at Kalogeros beach. Route km 3.5 km, Duration approximately 1 hour

  1. Environmental Park

Paros environmental park was created recently, as that particular area preserves the elements required for it to be emerge as a special place, mostly for hiking and observing lovers. Route 7 km Route duration approximately 2:30 hours


  1. Antiparos and the cave with stalagmites and stalactites forming excellent figures. Many foreigners as the Russians of Orlof, destroyed the cave depriving it of large pieces of prettifications.
  1. Naoussa with the picturesque little port, the sea snacks with ouzo, the Venetian castle and the traditional Cycladic architecture. You can swim at Kolimpithres, the fiord-chapped beach with the unique rocks.
  2. Parikia, the capital of the island in order to visit the Church of Panagia Ekatontapyliani (Church of 100 Doors), the Museum, the area of the old Venetian castle and the picturesque narrow alleys of the old city. It is also worth to be at Parikia during the afternoon, for a walk at the beach, at Pandrossos and Agia Anna, where one can enjoy the beautiful sunset.
  3. The nunnery of Christ of the Woods and the Phsychopiana’s Gardens, where (if you are lucky) you can meet the colorful butterflies wandering in the air or resting on the trees and ivies. In the same direction, close to the airport there is also a folklore museum called «SCORPIOS».
  4. The old monastery of Loggovardas in the middle of the distance Parikia – Naoussa.
  5.  The inland old Cycladic villages of Marpissa, Prodromos and Lefkes, with narrow streets, white cottages, flagged pavements and the traditional taverns.
  6. Other islands like Naxos, Koufonissi, Santorini, and Mykonos by small ships which depart from Parikia, Naoussa and Pisso Livadi. If you don’t get on well with the angry sea, it would be better not to attempt such a trip.